Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Introduction To Courtesans

Sometimes called the World's Oldest Profession, it has had many names, many manifestations. Regardless of the chosen nouns or systems applied, these mysterious women and their adoring gentlemen have always fascinated individuals and mainstream culture.

Understanding the nature of these relationships is like making your way through a labyrinth. There are no rules, and thus few generalizations apply, every participant carves their own journey.

For as long as human history can be traced, women beautiful in mind, spirit and body have weaved careers and lifestyles worthy of respect and consideration. The history and modern culture of courtesans is a lens through which we can explore the universe of relationships, sexuality, and the institutions of society. Their role has always been ever changing, naturally adjusting to political, social and religious climates.

Concubines, Mistresses, Professional Companions, Sex workers, all these women dared to live life outside the neatly painted lines of conventional society. They come from every part of the world, every condition, color and class.


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